Thaliadb makes possible to manage data about genetic resources. To do this you will need an administrator role (see below). Biological material is described by several objects with a hierarchical link :

GenotypingID β†’ Sample β†’ Seedlot β†’ Accession

A GenotypingID is described by one Sample, and a Sample can referred to multiple GenotypingID. A Sample is described by one Seedlot, and a Seedlot can referred to multiple Sample. A Seedlot is described by one Accession, and an Accession can referred to multiple Seedlot.

Data in Thaliadb will be managed at different levels :

In Thaliadb, access to data is controlled by several mechanisms:

  • User account enabling an authentication system.

  • A role is given to each user: Read only user or administrator, administration can be done regarding data types.

  • Project access : To query data, users must be members of projects. Data are shared in projects.