ThaliaDB is a database for association studies developed by the ABI-SOFT team of GQE-Le Moulon in collaboration with the GQMS team, under the project Amaizing.

Diversity and association genetics studies lead to manipulate a large number of individual, lines, clones and/or populations. Moreover, emergence of high-throughput technologies for both genotyping and phenotyping generates a large amount of data. These data need to be stored and managed in order to make queries and to organize datasets to perform genetic diversity data exploration and association genetics analysis. ThaliaDB, is developed for scientists to facilitate their data management and analysis. The database holds genetic resources data, seed lots, samples, genotyping and elaborated phenotyping datasets. It is well adapted for data that are useful to apply GWAS methods. It can manage high-throughput results coming from different projects and experiments and propose several views and options to explore these data and to give access to them for reuse. This Web tool offers to users a Select (Data view) mode and an Admin (Data administration and loading) mode. Data confidentiality is maintained using user accounts and specific levels of rights can be set on data. It enables data extraction in CSV format.